Here’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it!

The tale of Carried Away Cuisine begins in 1980 when Jackie Brown ventured into specialty foods retailing. From a small beginning in the kitchen of her Victorian home, she and a partner prepared hand baked goods and homemade candies to supply their “stand” in historic Central Market in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The business was known then as “The Goodie Shoppe”, and Jackie, “The Cookie Lady”.

In 1984, the two opened a second Market “stand” – the first in Amish country to feature “gourmet” prepared foods. For Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1984, this was somewhat of a curiosity. In fact, some of the Amish and Mennonite ladies thought their food ideas were strange, if not, dangerous. Following her partner’s precipitous relocation to Ohio, the prepared foods business “took off”, fueled by rapidly changing lifestyles and the crush for convenience. Jackie passed the ensuing years developing recipes, nurturing a customer base, and building a reputation ¼ pound at a time. It has been said of these years, that they helped change the food culture in Lancaster County because of their high visibility market location which exposed the general public to new ingredients and cuisines.

A few years later Jackie was joined by her sister, Nancy, whose talents were instrumental in growing the business. Because the emphasis had always been on fresh, healthful, quality ingredients well prepared, they developed a large and loyal following. “Our customers had become our friends and we had become part of their family histories and celebrations.”

It is hard to say who was more shocked when Jackie got “carried away” and sold the business in 2001. Customers cried and employees cried. The epiphany moment had come months earlier, when Jackie returned from the Northern Neck (where??) and mentioned that a woman in Irvington had suggested that she move her business to Virginia!  Nancy’s immediate response was “LET’S GO!!” The rest is history.

So here we are ~ from Lancaster, Pa to Lancaster County, Va ~ Carried Away Cuisine continues in our commitment to preparing the freshest, most flavorful foods. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our food, refining our recipes and techniques, and searching out the suppliers of the best ingredients possible… all because we believe that our customers can TASTE, as well as APPRECIATE the difference. We hope you’ll get carried away too!