By special arrangement, we are happy to prepare foods in quantity. This could be as simple as filling your casserole with lasagna for eight or preparing twenty pounds of potato salad for that family reunion… Or perhaps as elaborate as providing all the food for an event arranged on trays ready to serve. We have prepared heavy hors d’oeuvres for 200, wedding receptions for 150, rehearsal dinners for 80, as well as box lunches for 25. You can pick up at the Shoppe or we would be happy to deliver to your location. While we do not provide service for parties, we are happy to refer you to excellent coordinators, servers, and bartenders who we work with regularly.

We’re not satisfied with the cookie cutter approach; we want your party to be memorable and personal. Our goal is to create the perfect menu for your special occasion with you. A wide variety of menu ideas are available to be matched up with your style and the atmosphere of your event. Think through the basics: occasion, number of guests, time of day, style of service… your “must have” menu items and we’ll help you design the rest.

Just call us at (804) 435-9191 or email for more information. Set up an appointment, bring your ideas and your inspiration and let’s start planning!